Flynn Creek Circus Big Top Tent is 25 meter round. A complete footprint of 155′ x 124′ feet of level ground is needed to include the guy lines, stake lines and main mast footings.

The exterior is red and champagne striped; The interior is a dark blue with red and champagne stars in the canopy where the quarter poles meet the ceiling..

The interior of the tent has 2 main masts centered 36′ apart. There are an additional 4 quarter poles’ throughout the interior. The side walls are 13′ high. The main tent slopes up to a maximum height of 31′ ft along the center span between the main masts.

The vinyl material is fire tested and certified and is inherently non-flammable.

This tent is suitable for rigging circus acts and like attractions, is structurally sound and capable of withstanding moderate weather conditions.

There are many considerations when erecting a big top.  Please contact us for further consultation.

 Click here to view photos of the tent.