Photo and Video Archives


Our Archival footage

Follow the links to scroll through old footage, photos, original music and choreography from past shows. Above, Blaze Birge, static trapeze, 2004

2022-23 ‘Winter Fairytale’ photos by Phillip Pavlinger and Kevin Painchaud

2023 Desert Myth photos

We are still collecting great shots for amazing photographers to curate a visual synopsis. This collection includes photos by Phillip Pavlinger, Daisy Rose Coby, Sam Stringer, Candance Biggerstaff Zoartphotograpy and Chapel Miller

2022-23 Winter Fairytale Reel

Holiday season original narrative. Photo credit: Phillip Pavlinger

2022 Show Reel

photo credit- Daisy Rose Colby

2022 Show Photos

photo credit Phillip Pavlinger.

2022 Cast Video

Written and directed by Tom Proneur. Photo credit – Kevin Painchaud

2021 Show photos

photo credit Nicole Laumb.

2021 Fairytale long video

Filmed by Steve Ritchie Productions. Photo credit- Leori

Mr. Unicorn Song

Original theme song written by Brian Birge and performed by Brian and Rachel Birge. Photo credit – Phillip Pavlinger

2019 Show Photos

Photo Credit – Phillip Pavlinger

2019 Trapeze Act

Daring Jones Duo with Frederick Anderson on assist. Photo credit- SandrArt

2018 Show Photos

Photo credit Sandrart

Show Photos up to 2017

Mostly 2015-2017 show photos with a few older gems thrown in from back as far as 2002. Photo credit- Nick Schwartz

2017 Cast Video

Written and directed by David Jones. Photo credit- Sean Scope

2016 Cast Video

Written and directed by David Jones. Photo credit- Clark Mishler

Past Season Show Reels

2014-present. Photo credit- Jenavienve Snyder


Flynn Creek Circus apprenticeship program is sponsored by Circus Mentors Inc. Photo credit – Clark Mishler

photo credit Anne Marrie Schafer