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Our mission is to magnify exposure to quality, physical performing arts for children, emerging artists and families. We accomplish this through our objectives: 1) increase family access to the performing arts in rural communities through partnerships with arts organizations and family service organizations 2) award scholarships and apprenticeships, and 3) offer choreography and complete mentorship services to nurture emerging artists into professional independence.

Meet some of our apprentices:

Maya DeLoche

Circus Mentor Senior Performer 2017-2019

photo below, Maya and Jena, Duo lyra. Photo credit Clark Mishler


Circus Mentor Senior Performer 2017-Present

As a senior in high school, Maya is on the cusp of making lifelong career decisions. While she has been training in the aerial circus arts, making a career defining decision to attend circus school or a community college was overwhelming. Last year, she was selected as a Circus Mentor’s Junior Performer and was given the opportunity to tour with a real circus for 3 summer months. She had never been away from home for so long and was thrilled to experience a real circus. She learned to do everything from helping set up the tent, ticket sales, advertising, performing, and many behind the scenes tasks. After 66 shows and 11 cities, she learned leadership and team work skills, and, in her own words, “I feel as though I am a much stronger, more independent, hardworking, motivated person that works through until the job is done, but has fun doing it.” For her, this apprenticeship was positive and life-changing, because she has a working knowledge of what it takes to live life as a circus artist, living and working as a team, and knows it is her future.  Maya’s performance experience with Circus Mentors was a determining factor in her recent success at winning 3rd place in the VivaFest emerging artist’s program, 2018.

Lia Miyamura

Circus Mentor Marketing Apprentice 2019

“I never thought that I would be able to say that I ran away with the circus. When the opportunity arose to do so, I knew that I had to go for it, even though I didn’t really know what that would look like or what it would mean for my life in the near future. All I knew is that it sounded like a great adventure that would inevitably teach me lessons and help me grow in many facets of my life. I feel like it has done just that. 

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not all laughs, sparkles, cotton candy, and applause… it can be very difficult and trying living on the road, being away from loved ones,  co-habitating with a lot of people in a small space, working long, unpredictable hours… but, at the end of the day I have found it to be very rewarding and I know that I will always be grateful that I was able to have this opportunity.”
Below, Lia Miyamura


Circus Mentor Senior Performer 2015-2019

Shem grew up on a homestead in Northern California. While he has been performing since the age of 9, Shem has had limited access to professional coaching or training in his rural area. Shem needed exposure to professional circus artists to grow. Since becoming accepted as a Junior Performer with Circus Mentors Inc., Shem has had the opportunity to traveled to the Wuhan Acrobatic Circus Festival in China, which hosts world-renowned performers. While at the Wuhan Acrobatic Circus Festival, he was able to meet and talk to world-class performers and see firsthand what the professional circus world is like. Additionally as a Circus Mentor’s Junior, Shem has been able to strengthen his acrobatics, aerial silks, and aerial rope as well as polish his theatrical skills. With recommendation from Circus Mentors, he was invited to compete at VivaFest in February 2018 where he took 2nd place in the professional program, receiving offers from prestigious companies such as Cirque De Soliel and Circus Roncalli.

Vivianne Keene

Circus Mentor Junior Performer 2019-Present

“In the modern circus world it is rare that a performer, especially one my age, can work in such a traditional setting. Flynn Creek Circus is not a big corporation, it is a family-run, community-based operation. There goal with the apprenticeship program is to teach young circus performers to grow as artists as well as hard working professionals. We work to improve on the skills we already have as well being encouraged to expand our knowledge by working on on things we might not have thought to do before. And we get the chance to work with successful professionals who can help teach us how to move forward in our careers. “- Viv, 2019

below: Viviann Keene aerial straps, photo credit- Chapell Miller

Drew Young

is a 2020 Apprenticeship Awardee.  Her area of interest is in cosutme design.  This season, she will be working to develop her design skills with the limitations imposed by acrobatic movement.  Drew will also participate in learning lighting and sound operating skills. Photo by Nicole Laumb.

Jacy Jones

Apprentice 2019, 2021, Aerial cloudswing and acrobatics. Photo  by Chappel Miller.


Circus Mentor Junior Performer 2018


Circus Mentor Junior Performer 2018

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